It’s officially started!

Posted: June 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Do I mean the meeting?  Do I mean the excitement?  Or do I mean the drinking?  Any which way you look at it…. we have begun.  The Registratioln Lite Booth was manned by Lourdes this evening for a couple of hours.  I hung around to cheer her on as well. 


I did take a quick a trip up the Shubert Theater (Theatre if you will), where our plenary session has been moved to for WEDNESDAY morning.  You may wonder why we moved the plenary…. well we have tipped the scale at 400 registrants.  The Shubert is a block away from the Omni via the alleyway/ courtyard across the street.  Registration will be open in the Omni at 8am so come grab your swag before heading over to the Shubert.  We will have a registration table at the Shubert as well.ImageImage

Of course we did start to be social as well.  Beers consumed n=?.


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