Bar Crawl Update

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The SPNHC 2012 Bar Crawl is shaping up.  Here is our original description.

This is an unsanctioned, unofficial, and unadulterated night of FUN! Plans are still in the making but the idea will be that anyone who is interested will tag along on a walking tour to some of the millions of bars located in New Haven. With bars like: Bar, Black Bear, …Wicked Wolf, and the Cask Republic all within a couple of blocks, it wont take long to get a real taste of the New Haven scene.

Keep tuned for more updates and let me know if you can make it. The more people interested in coming the better the deals will be, so say you are coming! Invite all your friends who will be at SPNHC!

I’ll be posting the stops later today!  I’m so excited!!

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