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Posted: June 7, 2012 in Meeting, Uncategorized
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Who knew bar crawls were so easy to organize?  We are planning a 4-stop crawl with some amazing deals at each stop.  The best part is all of these bars have some great food too.  So if you find yourself hungry, you can just grab a bite to eat. 


STOP 1:  Black Bear Saloon

The Black Bear Saloon specializes in American fare and is offering some great specials.  The open floor plan and large bar area make this a great start to our crawl.  Black Bear has offered to keep the specials going in case you decide you want to stick around.

STOP 2: Bar Nightclub

Bar Nightclub is best known for it’s locally crafted beer and thin-style crust pizza.  Get a taste of the beer at our Tuesday Welcome Reception and then explore some of the other varieties during our bar crawl.

STOP 3: Kelly’s Restaurant and Bar

A newer kid on the bar block, this popular spot has over 20 beers on tap and a growing wine list.  Stay inside or enjoy their cozy outside seating area.

STOP 4: Wicked Wolf

Our last stop  has three separate bars, a dance floor, and a strong Irish-influenced decor.  For those who want to wind down the night, the Omni is right across the street but for those who want to step it up, it’s Salsa night on the dance floor at Wicked Wolf!

All pictures were borrowed from the bar webpages and are copyrighted to them.


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